VISCOIAL is a medical device based on hyaluronic acid sodium salt.

Hyaluronic acid has a constant molecular weight of between 1,000 and 1,500 kDalton, obtained by fermentation: this guarantees the absolute purity of the product, minimizing the risks of allergens and inflammatory reactions. VISCOIAL is useful as interarticular therapy (visco-supplementation) in cases of chondropathy, when the cartilage is subject to wear resulting in pains that limit the movement of the joint.
Chondropathy can be specifically degenerative, due to inter-articular or iatrogenic traumas.


Hyaluronic acid is made up of linear chains of polysaccharides, responsible for elasticity and the ability to absorb energy.
Healthy synovial fluid contains high concentrations of hyaluronic acid, which thanks to its ability to retain water absorbs the numerous physical stresses that act on the joint every day,
performing an elastic effect.The same molecule can ultimately perform both a lubricating and a cushioning function.


In cases of arthrosis, however, the loss of the chemical-physical properties of hyaluronates occurs, with a consequent loss of joint elasticity. The most important consequence is the interruption of the support and nourishment of the cartilaginous matrix, which over time is irreversibly altered.
Infiltration with hyaluronic acid therefore has the effect of restoring synovial fluid, allowing the recovery of its lubricating and cushioning action. Through infiltrative hyaluronate therapy, VISCOIAL reduces pain and improves the mobility of the treated joint. It has therefore a curative action, but also a preventive action towards the tissues, because it reduces the penetration of inflammatory cells and inflammation mediators.

Clinical tests show that VISCOIAL has been shown to be effective in reducing pain after the first administration. After the three expected infiltrations, both flexor and extensor movements are significantly easier. No side effects or systemic reactions were observed.

Therapeutic effect after three VISCOIAL infiltrations